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I think I'm going to take a stab at Pynchon.... but I'm feeling that Infinite Jest angst coming on...

Jake Holmes

Besides.. Myrta and Herman were my great-great grandparents.. I already know about their antics... Runs in the family.


Carin...one of my friends in Champaign loved Devil in the White City, too. I need to put it on my lengthy list.


They were?!?

But, the book is about more than just Herman. It also is a pretty interesting foray into archetecture.

It's two, TWO, stories in one.


My dad turned me on to The Vagabond's House last night... he's sending me that and several other books. I'm excited.

Jake for Justice

New evidence in the West Memphis Three murder case... The DNA found doesnt match any of the three comvicted.. and a hair points to a new suspect.. and it's NOT Byers Sr.

If you've followed this really bad joke of a murder investigation over the last decade this is a 'must read'.

Free The West Memphis Three!


... Well, I'm not exactly SURE that they were my great-great grandparents but we DO have the same last name and they come from the right part of the country.. They COULD have been... maybe... It's a good story anyway.

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