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So what do the father & son that found this treasure get beyond a hearty "thank you very much" from the British Museum and the leprechaun curse that's a given...?


They're still trying to determine that, according to the article.


Almost makes me want to stop making fun of those old guys walking around with metal detectors.
For all my love of history, they'd have to pony up big time to get that stuff from me.

Boy Named Sous

I've seen Viking Graffitti scrawled on the inside walls of the hagia Sophia in Istanbul (was Constantinople was Byzantium).

Jake the Old Norse Translator

I'm slowly translating some now that reads;

"Målet er å gjøre tekstsamlingene så omfattende som mulig. Det vil bli satt fokus på brukervennlighet, alle tekstene skal være korrekturleste, søkbare og tilgjengelige i utskriftsvennlig forma"

Or in English

"Here I sit, brokenhearted. Tried to ..."

That's as far as I've gotten, but I'm sure there's a masterpiece of original Old Norse wit here if I can just work it out.


You're lucky Sous! I would love to see the Hagia Sophia

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