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I dig the cammies but dont recognize the camo pattern..

Woodland?..no, Tigerstripe?..no, Jungle?..no.

I got it... Mubai Marketplace..


What kinds of rifles are those?

prairie biker

They look like .303 Lee-Enfield Mark IIIs.


Which would date them at almost 100 yrs old.. Do they even make shells for those anymore? You'd think they'd have bought some AKs as cheap as they are by the ton.


Yeah, the cammies are definitely meant for the market place. But seeing as how that's where most terrorists seem to attack, they are strangely appropriate--and stylish.

prairie biker

Well, the design is 100 years old, but I believe the Indians had a domestic production model that they manufactured well into the 1940s.

It's on par with the Indian Enfield motorcycles that you can buy today it's a decades old design, that was dated when it was introduced, currently made in a third world country.


If only they had Village Defense Committees in the Congo...not to mention Darfur and a thousand other places!

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