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Well, while you were working I went out to the movies and saw 'Superbad'...

My parents had American Graffiti. My generation had Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Now the gauntlet has been passed to my kids generation with Superbad..

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.. It's a raunchy, lowbrow high-school movie, but not mindless.. It left me feeling a little melancholy because though times change the odd, weird, funny, gross, uncomfortable, awkward situations don't.. and Superbad captured many of my memories of high-school..but as I'm not living them this time but rather watching someone else, I can laugh out loud..

It's definitely in a class above most of the movies made about teens (Porky's, American Pie, etc) and better than Judd Apatow's other productions (as far as I'm concerned..)

For the young at heart, Superbad's a superfunny movie.


Jake, my students have been raving about that movie. And I read a really glowing review somewhere. I gotta see it. When it comes out on DVD. I can't deal with theaters anymore.


Gail, what the heck are you grading so early in the semester? Diagnostic writing? If so, what was the topic?


They're working on stylistic analyses of their own writing -- personal and academic.


Aha. Sounds interesting.

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