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Why can't you use talc any more?


It's bad for the baby's lungs.

Rob B.

Talc is also difficult to filter for a variant of asbestos that causes cancer in soft mucusly tissue. It's ok on your skin because your skin is thick enough to keep it out of your blood stream. So talc on your pits is ok, talc near the privates or in your lungs is bad.

Rob B.

Also, in the whole fault thing, due to finding in Colorado, geologist have found that when a water injection well is used in the same reservior as a fault the water can work to cause smaller but less severe earthquakes which decease pressure. They believe that you could do that as well in california. However the government has quashed the idea of essentially giveing California a series of controlled stress relieveing quakes because of the possibility of the legal ramifications from the damage that the smaller quakes could cause. Instead, California must just suffer from more severe and dangerous "act of God" quakes instead of "US government caused" smaller quakes.

Rob B.

today english me suck at big

it's a bad, bad day


Heh. Rob, I saw a t-shirt the other day that said, "Dyslexics have more nuf."


How 'bout if we just squirt a whole bunch of Desitin Ointment into the fault? Treat Gaea's diaper rash so to speak.. That would stop the inflammation and irritation within 12 hours ... at least that's what their ad says..

Rob B

Yeah, i have a sticker that says "dyslexics of the world, untie"


I'm not even dyslexic and I frequently read unite as untie.

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