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I'll smack him a bit. Is there a line forming?

prairie biker

Any military member who actually committed the infractions Beauchamp is claiming should be legitimately afraid of the punishment handed down at his court martial. Said person would also be incredibly stupid to publish them in an internationally read forum.

I don't believe him and suspect that he's just an attention whoring ass.


That would be my guess too PB, but he still needs a bitch slappin.


I do so hope there's an investigation proceeding.


Is there a line? I'll gladly join, ya.


Just don't let him get near Lyndie England. Can you imagine what they'd produce if they mated?


In Vietnam we had exposes of horrors like Mei Lei.. In Iraq we have exposes of callus dark humor, insensitive behaviour, murdered dogs, panties on convicts heads and flushed Querans...

Is this kinda stuff really the worst dirt the "We Hate The Military" crowd can dig up?
If it is then I'd say the military is keeping it's shit pretty tightly wired together over there.


Good point, Jake.

maggie katzen

gail, there has been an investigations completed if you can believe the Weekly Standard.

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