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Rob B.

Now if the chicken was fried, it would be a Baptist church.


And if the fish was fried it would be a Catholic church.


Webber grill, skewer, fish, chicken. Phoenix and Dragon combo at the Mongolian grill.


Speaking of skewers, you know those rotisserie chickens they sell at the grocery? Both my children at different times asked me if the hole was "where they shot the chicken."


With a canon.

That reminds me of that story about testing airplane engines by shooting chickens into them with a chicken launcher. They forgot to defrost the chickens and were really curious about the trouble the engines were having passing that portion of the test.

Rob B

So, who get's the T-bone?


I can't resist;

And if the cross were fried, it would be a mosque.


Could it be the cock that crowed 3 times before morning?

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