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Scott P

Good morning. What's for breakfast?


Toast with apple butter. Tea.


Banana and coffee.

I used to be a breakfast person, and I'm so not anymore. I know I need to eat SOMETHING (to start the metabolism, etc), but it's hard to find ANYTHING I'm interested in eating in the morn.

Scott P

Wow, I haven't had apple butter in years. It's usually peanut butter for me these days.


Mid-morning snack: coffee and a cinnamon brioche. That's my fat content for the day.


Coffee and half a waffle.

My poor dog. He went to the vet today. Had sedation, had nails clipped, heartworm check, teeth checked, shot full of stuff. Pooped in the back of the Viking Mobile on the way home. Just started whining a little and looking at me like, "Dear God, don't you get it??" I stopped the car and he's trying to leap out the window into traffic so he won't shit in the car. He waited for me to get him out and headed for the grass. Poor dog. He got home still mildly sedated and just shook for a while.

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