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Scott P

Morning, Scribalistas. I hate early meetings.


Morning Scott. I'm editing someone's dissertation this morning.

Scott P

How's your side business going, Gail?


Morning. We've been busy. The lawn is mowed, the driveway is blown off, the dog is washed, tummies are full of French Toast. It's going to be 100+ degrees today and the freon in the Viking Mobile's AC is out. $200 to recharge it. Day-um. Never mind then.

Rob B.

I put video of my youngest up over at the photo blog. He's discovered that he can shove his whole hand in his mouth. Soon he'll learn about our familiy history of shoving a whole foot in there.


Scott, it's just barely beginning to get off the ground. I expect plenty of business once the academic year gets started -- possibly more than I can handle.

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