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Jake The Poet That Didnt Knowit

"Not first" you say?
Calloo Callay !
I'll not be first
To type "First" today!
Instead, by George, I'll lay & stay
abed and catch more ZZZs
'fore startin my day..

"Absurd" you say?
Calee Callay !
Sour grapes says I
you've grown too old to play
Forgotten how to have fun
In a childish way..
Your inner child is lost
It's the price you pay.


I say

Locust Eater

Well, if 'Inner Child' requires hitting 'refresh' in the wee hours looking for a new thread, then in fact my Inner Child has died, been cremated, and had it's ashes scattered to the wind, and had a stone erected in its memory, which was subsequently vandalized, the graveyard became grown over, and the stone can now no longer be found without a GPS-linked-theodolite.

Hey Gail, can I steal Double Ptero Dactyl for my blog? I'll link it back and cite you and all that stuff.


Hah, LE. Jake's an early riser AND he's in Seattle.

You sure can use my Ptero Dactylic poem. I'm glad you like it.



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