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Went and saw the "Body Worlds 2" exhibit last night (not a movie PB, although I do like your idea!). Fascinating stuff. My wife wanted to see it since she's in the health field, and I actually enjoyed it.

I had seen several surgeries in the line of work for the company I used to work for and even got to hold a human brain (I think it was Abbie something), but seeing all those plastinates in different positions and with different cutaways was truly interesting.

prairie biker

Sounds like fun, Ken. But you know, if I have a choice between learning something new and worthwhile or having an evening of raunchy fun, well, I'm not gonna get any smarter.


Who says the two are mutually exclusive? ;)

prairie biker

well, since God gave you only enough blood to operate one or the other ...

Scott P

Morning, all.

(scans previous comments)

This is why I love this place.

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