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Yikes ... I'll be praying really hard for you.


Thanks. If you have to have any kind of cancer, though, this is the one to have. Papillary thyroid cancer is very common and very curable, especially at this point when it's just a few cells sitting there conspiring.


Well, even with special effects you look a helluva lot better than that ignorant bastard with the cell phone in his lobe.

We of the Feenix Coalition have you under our big prayer wings.


Well, with OJ in custody, your outcome is bound to be good.


Hey Gail,

Holloween is coming up soon, maybe you can ask the doc to put some bolts in the side of your neck and maybe make the stitches extra scary.

Seriously, I wish you well and hope everything goes according to plan. Let's hope they get all the C-cells this time.


Jesus. Good luck. Get well.


Joated, I wish he'd put a zipper in there last Monday, then he wouldn't have had to cut again.


Best of luck Gail. Sounds like you have enough feisty attitude to get through it fine, but make sure to ham it up for special treatments from everyone, before and after! Seriously though, best wishes and we look forward to status updates.


I'm already working on it, Ken. If everything pans out right, I'll just about have recovered from being pampered over the last surgery when it's time for the next.


Excellent timing, Gail! Draw things out a bit.

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