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Too bad you had to keep one of those kidneys, Carin, or you could have done the same thing...

prairie biker

well dangit. I hope you remember to bring this one home in a jar.

maggie katzen

oh nuts! we'll keep you in our thoughts.


Drat. Hope all goes well, Gail.


And that's why I trust my thyroid about as far as I can throw it. Shifty little bastard. Like all those other cell bastards. (Why do you think people talk about terrorist cells? The question answers itself.)


They are always up to no good, swimming around unsupervised. They want taming is what.

Rob B

My grandfather beat thyroid cancer 3 times. If you want I can send you his lucky pocket knife. I'm pretty sure he used it to threaten the doctors but it has a really pretty tourquoise handle so they only felt sigtly threatened , while impressed with the craftsmanship.


The very best of odds and luck to you. I have a friend who had thyroid cancer 40 years ago, had her thyroid removed, takes a pill every day and is living a most happy and productive life.

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