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prairie biker

not really. she's at least in the kitchen where she belongs.


After his mead-induced killing spree, he went into the icebox to get himself a venison tenderloin to put on the grill.


Those are some pretty neat little scenes she has set up. I wish there were more explanations about the scenes. I guess you have to read the book.

prairie biker

she's face up, arms at her side, the oven and the larder are both open and the larder door is open above her. unless the door is not properly balanced, it should have closed as she fell past it. or perhaps she rolled under it, but then why are her arms at her sides?


PB's invited to all of our crime scenes.


I'm with PB on this one--she looks arranged in the kitchen, with the door being a huge clue.


Yeah. And she appears to be ironing, making pie, and cleaning the fridge all at the same time. Which, frankly, could have killed her.


T'was the leftovers in the icebox what done her in.



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