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Looks like a sawmill. Water, cutting blade, moving blade, water wheel.


I think it builds in-ground pyramids.

prairie biker

I think perhaps a pump house of some variety, but not a sawmill. I think those are gears, not blades. It looks like the shaft coming in from outside is used to turn the two gears, and the bottom one, having a shaft mounted to it outside its center, then moves the pump back and forth.


You're so right. It does look like a pump. It looks like it keeps water out of something by pumping air into it. And there appear to be one-way valves that let air in and water out but don't allow the water in or the air out. Now what is it?


I'm going for pump as well.


Close... it's a Rube Goldberg variation on how to catch a mouse, using a water wheel.


It's a reciprocating suction piston pump, of course. Duh. {ref.}

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