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i red keegan on ur rec -- damn good boook!

Major John

Drown Frenchie! Nothing like churned up, soupy muddy soil and a fallen knight...


Gonna get me that book--thanks, Gail!


To pick up on a bit from the article you quoted, I read about this many years ago in an essay by Isaac Asimov called The Unsecret Weapon, discussing the impact of the longbow (it's apparently in the book The Sun Shines Bright - probably where I read it).

In the essay, he talks about why the French never took up the use of the longbow. It boiled down to the idea that the longbow wasn't an easy weapon to use, and took a lot of training to learn to use effectively. The only people that could have been pressed into service to undertake such training were the peasant classes, and to the French nobilty, battles were won or lost due to the noble knights. Having to credit a victory in battle to a bunch of rabble would have been unheard of!

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