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When I was home for lunch today, I went upstairs and discovered two dead birds on the upstairs landing. It was very sad, because they seemed to be a male and female of the same species. I'd love to know the story behind that, and how my little killer(s) bagged both of them.


"Look! No one's here today!"
"And Scott made these nice cupcakes, but no one is here to eat them."
"We could eat them."
"We shouldn't eat them."
"But we could."
"That's true."
"They'll be stale by tomorrow. We really should eat them. Public service and all."
"Look here. You're a fluffy kitty and I'm a rat. If they find you eating them they'll say it's cute. But if they find me eating them, they'll heave a shoe at me."
"I'm going in."
"Cover me."


It's an orange kitteh, too. They say cats can't taste sweet stuff, but try and tell my orange kitteh that when he's mauling you for candy...

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