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And a new colloquialism is born..

"I'm gonna beat you like a red headed Neanderthal.."

prairie biker

Well, that explains the Irish.


Writing and extracting at the same time. There you go.


I guess it does all depend on the angle of the dangle.

Rob B.

"I'm gonna beat you like a red headed Neanderthal.."

As a redhead, married to a redhead, with 3 sons who are redheads, you might think that I'd be offended. WRONG-O. I'm gonna borrow that line because it's a keeper.

Great one, Jake.

Locust Eater

Well, there was a team of them - they should have been able to write and extract DNA at the same time. If they work really hard, they might get up to the level of the Neanderthals: Inventing language, the wheel, and religion at the same time ((ok, it was over, like tens of thousands of years, and the wheel bit is being questioned, ...don't give me a hard time!))

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