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prairie biker

good golly. get well wishes and prayers all around.


Something going around?


Maybe my bad luck shifted to everybody else.

Scott P

A big group prayer goes out to all the ST family, including our pets.


Prayers & best wishes all around!


Lordy. Prayers to you all.


Mars goes retrograde on the 11th. At least that's what one of my whacko friends says.

Seriously, prayers & good thoughts heading outward.


Prayers of protection and healing for all the ST family.

My mom is doing better. Still very weak, but working her way back.


My life has gone retrograde this year, so I'm not too worried about Mars.

Best wishes and prayers to all.


Oh, my! Don't forget that Rob was peeing gravel last week. We're in good company, I see. Prayers going up for all of you. Again. And Gail. And everyone who is worried about their mom--because I know we fret about our mamas.

Oak's arm was set without having to be reduced (awful procedure) and he's now sporting a nifty black cast. He's still pretty tender and figuring out how to pee and dress and get in the car without help.

Carin, I'm sorry about Greta. They're like children. There must be a St. Francis prayer for hurt animals.

Mars needs to get his ass out of retrograde.

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