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Morning. Sad morning; had to put Greta down last night. She had a blood clot in her leg; and it had been there too long.


I'm so sorry, Carin. That's a terribly hard thing to endure. Our dogs are so much a part of the family, and I know Greta was very much loved.


Oh man. I can't believe it. I'm so sorry. That poor sweet doggie.


Thanks Julie and Gail. The ER vet said it was pretty rare in dogs to throw a clot like that; they more often see it in cats.

prairie biker

Sorry to hear that Carin. That's always tough.

maggie katzen

I'm sorry to hear that, Carin.

Scott P

I'm so sorry, Carin. A great pet really is part of the family.


I'm really sorry Carin. I know how devastating it can be. Take care.


Thanks everyone. But now I need distractions. I've already hit the kitchen and fed my depression (I'm feeling a bit ill now)- and the internets are boring. I can't think about Greta, because my eyes are puffy and I don't want another head ache.



Cadbury chocolate, yoga, bookstore browsing (even though I know you have to drive 30 miles or so for that), ordering pizza and wings for dinner, and most definitely, for you, a long, hot bath.

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