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I will NOT play the "FIRST" game today ... Instead I'll wish Gail the best of luck because todays Dr. day I believe... My thoughts are with you.


Thanks, Jake. I'm going in to the hospital at 10:45 and the surgery is at 12:20. It will probably take an hour and a half, then I'll be stuck in the hospital getting my blood calcium levels checked until some time tomorrow. I'll ask Warren to post an update.

Scott P

Love and luck, Gail!

Gee, I'd have signed your yearbook like that, I guess...


Well. Gail's surgery should be well over by now. Hope it went well and that your calcium is acting right.


Different time zone. You're in the midst of it.

Gracious God, make everything go well with Gail's surgery and her recovery be completely easy and uncomplicated. Amen.


Amen to that. Here's hoping for simple and breezy. And for a restful weekend, because I imagine the dirty buggers will be waking you up every hour or so tonight.

scribal spouse

Gail is out of surgery now and is doing well. The surgery itself started around 1:30 PM and lasted at bit over one hour. The doctor said that the thyroid lobe looked normal, but that they would have to wait for the pathologist's report. Gail is resting comfortably (thanks to some high-quality painkillers) and should be discharged tomorrow morning.

Scott P

Good news, Warren! I'm sure the blogosphere will let out a collective *whew*.


Excellent news. Now for the important part: More fine pills for Gail!

I'm so glad that's done, scribal friend.


Thank God.

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