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Virtual Breakfast is served: flaky croissant and some nice English Breakfast tea and poached eggs covered in egg wash and bread crumbs fried in butter and some nice, thick bacon. There's coffee, too. And extra dog biscuits just out of the oven for Greta. Pull up a leather club chair and a book. We can sit like this until at least ten. There's a gaggle of massage therapists and pedicuristas dropping by for us then.

Scott P

Wow, Ana. I was just going to ask if anyone wanted a refill.


I'll take a refill. It's Kona. How's tricks in Phoenix? We're experiencing the last days of real heat here in jawjaw. I'll have to fill the bird feeders soon.

Scott P

Julie's home sick, and I have an early meeting. This could be our last week in the upper 90s, and I'm really looking forward to cooler weather.

Find a silver marker yet?


Did Julie pick up her mother's bug?


I'll answer that: yep.

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