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prairie biker


Scott P


Scott P

How does PB do it?


He's a lurking lurker.

Hey Matt. Was that a deer that jumped in front of your car to avenge his father?

My name is Inego Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to crash.


Man... 15 bucks in candy.. 10 bucks for a hockey mask and another 5 for a machete.. and not one single solitary trick-or-treater comes to the door... and it's not like there arent about a gazillion living around here.. What is up with kids these days? In my day we were fearless.. these days you just hatchet murder a couple of 'em and all of a sudden everyone goes all nervous Nelly on you and starts avoiding the place.. sheeshhh..kids..


No trick-or-treaters here either. On the other hand, we've had aggressive brown and black bears maurading the neighborhood for the past few weeks. And they love sweets. And small animals.


Ya..but you live in that secret CIA compound up in the mountains as I recall.. the trick or treaters could never find you without Google Earth.. and even then your active matrix super secret camoflague netting would make you hard to make out...

How ya been Jon..? Havent seen you around for awhile.


Jake - The Halloween active matrix super secret camoflage netting worked great for deflecting the trick or treater insurgents. Especially after I turned the front porch lights off.

I'm okay, Jake. How are you? I may not comment much, but I still stop by several times a day to read all of Gail's posts and the Scribalista comments.


I ignored the rotten little bastards who rang the doorbell.


And it was fun.

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