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Rob B.

I'm predicting that around month 13-14 garlic futures would hit the roof but by month 20 the garlic market would bottom out due to delivery issues.


I'm having my advanced rhetoric students argue for and against this point as proof that vampires do not exist.


Actually, it would be even worse, as this assumes a vampire only dines once a month. The traditional schedule is once a night.

It also assumes all the victims turn into vampires themselves, which I would call questionable.


And it assumes that vampire populations have no attrition and human populations don't grow.


You can call that the Buffy variable.


..and of course it doesn't take into consideration the "Blade" adjustment to the Vampire population..

Hey, where's the masked Owl and Vampire Robin this year???


I'll have to go looking for the scary owl for tonight.


Ah, but a vampire could go on the wagon, get his or her black ribbon and attend regular meetings, etc. and become a regular citizen working for a living. Maybe taking pictures for the Times or something.


"Necks are shapely, not food."

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