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Miss Cellania

So even Alban didn't know the grammatical difference between a man who was hung and a man who was hanged!


I'm torn between thinking it's really cool and really, really sick.

I mean, if it weren't so gross, it would be cool.

What book would YOU choose to have your skin bind ... as a remembrance of you?

Again. Gross and cool.


I'm with Carin. it's both gross and cool. I wouldn't mind leaving my skin as a book cover but I don't think either of my sons would appreciate it.

maybe one of my artist friends would though. perhaps around an edition of And the Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave


Well I wouldn't use a cookbook if it were bound with human skin, that's for sure.

prairie biker

c'mon Ana, People: The Other White Meat.


Well, my first impulse would be toward Don Quixote since it's my favorite book. But then the other ones that come to mind that would be more fitting:

Balzac "The Wild Ass' Skin"
Fuentes "A Change of Skin"
Hawkes "Second Skin"
Butler "The Way of All Flesh"

All I can think of off the top of my skin. So to speak...

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