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prairie biker

yeah? what is rapeseed good for?


This thread is useless without recipes. :)


At Dark Moon, in a mortar and pestle, grind together:

* 1 part Fern leaf, dried
* 1 part Poppy seeds


* 2 parts Slippery Elm powder
* 1 part Myrrh
* 1 part Marjoram, dried
* 3 parts Dillweed, fresh if possible
* Grind all together, mixing well.

Add 9 drops almond tincture (almond cooking extract is great.) with enough spring water to make everything barely moist, and mix in well.

Place in a ceramic bowl, spreading as thinly as possible, and dry the mixture over low heat, stirring it occasionally, until it seems lightly browned. Pour back into mortar, and grind again, enchanting:

Things Seen, and Things Not Seen:
Let me walk here in between.

When finely powdered, store in a clear glass container. It will keep its power for years. Sprinkle, just a little bit, on yourself, objects, or in a place to be made invisible.

(By Mara Ravensong Bluewater; found here.)


Thanks Chas. It would be a nice Christmas gift in a pretty container...

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