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Did you trying lying down on the bed to zip them?


Something to take your mind off of your jeans..

Pat Buchanan's latest thoughts on
The Ideology of Democracy

Very interesting..


Iowahawk's in classic form too...


So....you wouldn't fit in your leotard?

I just had one of those "ding" moments with Ziggy. I'm always observing the cats and looking for things that seem to indicate some sort of thought process. He was up in one of our fruit trees, and decided to climb down. The branches are very gnarled and covered with smaller branches, and he had to push through all this crap to get down. Finally, he landed on the ground, and took a step, then turned and looked back up at the tree branches. I won't anthropormophize it and imagine that he was thinking, "Whew," or, "Stupid tree," but it was interesting, anyway.


Thyroid. Very important. Do they have you on Thyroxin or whatever?


Yes, finally. I went for a month without it because everybody thought everybody else had prescribed it. The dosage might need some adjusting though.


Dumb bastards. I hope it kicks in quickly. I keep having my thyroid checked because I keep gaining weight. It may just be that I've lost a lot of muscle mass, though. Hucking Fell.


Not only might need adjusting now, but is best to monitor all along as you may need to adjust every now and then for no apparent reason. (Based on what my ex has learned)

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