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Scott P

Hiya, folks. Sorry I pooped out early last night.


The owl was late.


I've become disillusioned with both major parties.. So, guys, where do I belong? I'm pro military, pro-border security, a bit of a Nationalist.. Prefer a limited government to a Nannystate government with tentacles in all our business.. Pro-gun.. Pro self- sufficiency, anti-welfare state, and not very PC at all...

Yet I'm socially liberal, a labor union member and supporter, lean toward some socialized medical safety net. I'm ok with soft drug legalization, abortion as a women's right and gay marriage..Believe we should be developing alternative energy sources and protecting our environment and totally believe that large corporations are the scourge of our times..

So where do I fit in to the political party spectrum ? There doesn't seem to be a party that represents me... Any thoughts?


You'll never find a party that's "right for you" if you're an independent thinker. Parties aren't tailored to individuals. You'll just have to keep voting for the lesser of two weevils like everybody else.


Independent thought is futile. Conform, Jake. Conform.

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