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teh stilbeatign hearts of uor enamies!


Right. That and Smokehouse Almonds.


The redneck roots show through... blackeyed peas, in some manner, are a staple on New Year's for me. Used to have cornbread too, but having to work around a wheat allergy for the youngest (my best recipe has half corn meal, half regular flour) so we're avoiding that.

Took the afternoon off, so making homemade chicken stock, soups, and preparation for a risotto dish. Just fixin' some nice stuff to come home to and minimize the amount of time the wife has to worry about dinner.



Collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread.


I guess you could call it poor. Usually it's something simple, since we're all still trying to finish the mountains of homemade cookies and candies from Christmas.

So when I was growing up it was pizza. Now it might be pizza, or just "nibblies"--those little heat n' eat hors d oeuvres; salsa/guac and chips; more Christmas cookies and candies. If we go to a party at all it's close friends, and the food's about the same--we might order in Chinese or make a giant pot of chili instead.

We're just not up for fancy, because our Christmas dinners are pretty fancy. We're up for fleece jammies.


Bean soup. Then we went to a friend's house and ate like gluttons.

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