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Jake  the last REAL American

Oh, so now you're letting Sylphs hang out here, huh...? There goes the neighborhood.. First come the Sylphs..Then the Fire Salamanders.. Then those dirty Gnomes... and you know none of them ever learn English and get assimilated into American culture.. Freakin make believe creatures are ruining this once great country..

Pixie, the voice of the Sylphs, Fire Salamanders and Gnomes.

It's the Sirens and Trolls you need to watch out for Jake! They're opening restaurants and shopettes on every corner... the rest of us are just trying to make a better life for ourselves! We aren't hurting anyone; who would pollenate your flowerbeds and illuminate your forest paths for the wages we make? HUH? HUH???? Yeah, that's what I thought...

Thank you Gail.

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