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Up and at 'em. All of you. Tea and toast in the kitchen. We're off to the library and the Y to sign up for soccer so wash your faces and put on some decent pants. Not the ones with all the holes! Oy. You've outgrown those already?? Sigh. Haven't we talked about this growing that you insist on doing? My goodness...


Looks like more rain again here today. Good thing the oldest is named Noah...that might come in handy, especially if we can obtain some gopher wood.

Since the wife sees patients today, looks like I'll have to figure out how to keep the kids entertained inside. And Ana, if you ever figure out the growing thing, let me know....


Ana... one word (well actually two, but yannow): Goodwill.

It's a happy place for those who continue to grow... and for those who have to purchase things to cover them in.



We were lucky, Laura was always a size or two smaller than her friends, so she got hand-me-downs.


We purchased a suit the other week and now he's outgrown it. Jeebus.

Goodwill, indeed. I'm on my way.

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