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We haven't had a bookshelf in a while, have we?

I just finished "The Time Traveler's Wife" and now am reading the new Jonah Goldberg book.

I like TTW -good read. Engaging. Not bad for the $14-paperback-book genre.

Jonah's book- and I'm only on chapter two, but so far there is too much general summary, and not enough meat.

Scott P

Morning, all. I've been reading again at night, even if I'm totally wiped out in the morning. It sure beats TV.


Especially since there is nothing on tv.

You know, I think the thing I find especially galling about the writer's strike (and both sides holding-out) is that their "product" is such DREK.

We should be the ones on strike. They are rather brash to think that anyone is going to be interested in their "product" once they kiss and make-up.

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