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Scott P

Wow, what a pain. I feel for you.


The cabinet has been emptied, wiped down with bleach, and steam cleaned. Now it's waiting to dry completely. When I get home from work, I'll have to pick through all the cereal, rice, etc., before putting it back.


Now where did I see that post yesterday about adding insects to your diet?...hmmm? where? must go search.


Aah, found it!



Dang, should have put it in as a link.

Fixed: Bugs by Jules Crittenden


We went through this exact predicament many years ago. We ended up throwing every box of cereal/food that had been opened.

I was told that if you *really* want to save the food, you can set them against a really hot place (like next to a burning stove) to drive out adult insects, but I suspect this will do nothing to the larvae.

It's best just to throw away everything and start over. Oh, and buy air-tight containers :)

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