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Wooooooo! Julie sighting!

mad grad mom

Gail, it was the highlight of my day! LD spotted her and c . . . and I went on the hunt. I didn't think you knew so I am glad you got the lovely surprise!

prairie biker

oh that punk. well julie, if you bother to call or stop by, I may have something you want, if you want it, ya know.


I know I do. Want my hair cut in Urbana, Illinois. But I have to settle for Seattle. sigh. If someone else comes up behind you and gives you a big hug, it will be me. But you'll have to tell me where to get my hair cut. No idea 'bout no Urbana....


I am SO homesick for C-U I could die. I got just enough of a tiny little fix that it was pure torture.

Miss you all bad. BAD.


We all miss you all too.


PB, my visit was like a drive-by shooting. I HATED not getting to visit people.

Next time I will fix that.


Hugs to you too JBelle!

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