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Why would dogs need testicular implants? I'm mean, are dogs with only one testicle looked down on in the dog world? Laughed at and teased by the other dogs? Considered less of a dog by the hot poodle chicks? Or is having something to lick just the best part of a dogs day?

I dont get it..


Male dogs seem to have a genetic predisposition to the licking of the fambly jewels (just because they can ).

I'm all for canine testicle implants. It lets neutered dogs continue their hereditary impulses without the feelings of insecurity and of being man's second-best friend.

On the other hand, fake dog nuts on a key chain is just plainly not normal.


You would prefer real dog nuts on a key chain??


A chap in the dog-show racket told me this tale. It seems that one otherwise particularly good show dog was an instant DQ (disqualified) because he had an undescended testicle. In desperation, the owner had a Neuticle installed and sent the dog into the ring. Little did he know that the implantation itself would slowly, inexorably, induce the descent of the wayward ball. The judge duly checked out the package: one, two, wait, what's this, three?

Instant DQ, plus I think the owner drew some sort of suspension.


You know, I like those stress balls...
are the squishy?

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