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You can try but you'll need two things:

1.) A time machine
2.) Revisionist history lessons


I don't see how either one of those would save it, unless you could use them more than once.


Revisionist history is infinitely reusable.

The time machine only works as long as you have enough plutonium from the Libyans.


Dang. I'm fresh out. I used all my Libyan plutonium the other day to kill pantry moths.


You know, Obama is very charismatic and I think a smart,decent and sincere guy.. but the more I listen to his plans if elected the more I see a train wreck waiting to happen...


Yet he's the candidate I'd be most likely to invite over for dinner and a nice chat.


There's no "there" there.
The man seems to be a dangerous type of Euro-socialist at heart.
God help us all.


I'd say the logic was circular but it seems more like a mobius strip. He wishes al Queda were not there so we could pull out but because they are there we would have to go back. Why not just ask them to step back across the border for a few months of R & R? Once al Queda is out (to where ever), he could pull the troops out. Then they (al Queda) could reenter and then we could reinvade. (Actually that sounds like the touchback plan for illegal aliens... mmmm?)

Then there's the curious case of the trade "timeout" while Hillary and staff renegotiate NAFTA...which her husband signed into law.

I'm getting a headache from all this logic.


It makes even less sense when you consider Obama's statement that "I do know that Al Qaeda is in Iraq". So the initial syllogism fails. He needs to mind his P's and Q's.


Many modern politicians seem to believe that the stinging riposte is an end in itself, whether it makes sense or not.

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