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I believe it was ancestry.com that added a lot of US military records to their database. They let you access them for free for a few weeks last year and I was able to find my grandfather's registration card when he joined the Army in WW I, as well as all of my mother's brothers joining the services in WW II. The records aren't complete, but definitely a treasure trove of info FWIW.

prairie biker

Let's see: there's one dandy in the back row with his collar popped, there's one in the front row with clean trousers and a bow-tie, and another in the front row holding a young boy. Take your pick I guess.


My guess is that he's the one with the longish mustache, arms folded, sitting in the front row under the banner. I have a barely discernible tintype of him, and that one is the closest match.

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