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Scott P

That there's a saw horse...


What, no lion?

Marco McClean

Obviously it's a kind of radio-assisted badminton-polo-jousting invention. You used to see things like that in Popular Mechanix. /Tom and his svelte teammate Suzy Lou are suited up to play the exciting game that everyone will be playing in 1960, just twenty-six years from now./

Marco McClean

On second thought, coming back to it I realize it's more like a comic panel I saw in Playboy some time in the 1970s. I'm not precise on the details, but it seems to me the woman was on the bed wearing nothing but an eager look on her face; the man was standing on the tall dresser, strapped into a harness or reaching up to grip a trapeze. There was Rube Goldberg equipment all over the place-- a teeter-totter, a pulley system, a fishbowl full of fish on a ladder... The man says, "Ready?"


Haaa. I remember that cartoon. And based on the uniform, I'm guessing the guys name is Dieter.


Radio direction-finding donkey with Panzershrek, obviously.

Afrika Korps, at a guess.


Oh, and here I thought it was an anti-aircraft donkey with a stabilization device and added radar detection.


And it makes a nice companion to the war pigs above.

My guess: Greece.

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