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Scott P

Hi, all. Whole durned house is up early today.


Morning. Have yourselves a good 'un.


Once again, the stinging voice of reality and reason...

Grim? Yes, but it's hard to be cheery when there's no upside regardless of which way one looks at it..

Think I'm going to have to play the wildcard and vote Obama...


I don't think he's going to be running for anything, Jake.


Speaking of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Which I am. Did I ever tell you that I've decided to base my life on it? Yes! I am going to randomly burst into song about things like cleaning the toilet and walking the dog (Goin' walkin'!) and I'm going to wear tiny-waisted dresses and flouncy aprons practically EVERYWHERE! But I'm going to need a passle of highly acrobatic handsome homosexual dancers for all of the barn raisings I plan to attend. The choreography is a real hassle otherwise. Straight men just don't dance that way.

Cabin frigging Fever.


I'd like some tiny waisted dresses, but first I need a tiny waist.

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