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Jake Holmes

Now if they'll just bring back the big sidewalk grate vents to blow a breeze up those skirts..


Now we can look like Jean Harlow again.

Well, I don't know, but I suppose I could try.

Jake Holmes

Craig.. you might have to see Dr 90210 for some butt implants to properly fill out that dress like JH... I'm jus sayin'..


will we need the white hair as well?


I hope that mammary it means more cleavage too.

Marco McClean

It reminds me of a story about Jean Harlow and Margot Laine, who despised each other. One night they arrived at the same time for a party. Jean Harlow said, "Well. If it isn't Margutt Laine." Margot Laine said, "No, no, dear. The T is silent, as in Harlow."

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