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It's nice to read your strong opinions, Gail. Have a great weekend!


For some reason Africa is a sore spot for me.


Lancet seems to be indulging the colonialist impulse in sheep's clothing.


I'm surprised they didn't estimate 1 million doctors have left Africa for richer climes.

Sad to see a once respected journal reach the depths they have the past few years.


They could send a million doctors to Sub-Saharan Africa and it wouldnt stop the AIDS epidemic...

That wont slow until either theres a cure or somehow they can break through the superstition, the misinformation and the cultural stubborness to convince those people that bangin prostitutes in plastic tarp lean to's on the side of the road is spreading death... that raping little girls isnt the preferred way to keep from getting AIDS and maybe using a condom or abstaining really is a better alternative than a horrible death from AIDS...

If throwing money at the epidemic would cure it Africa would be AIDS free by now...

Marko Tostad

Wow, you guys are a terrible bunch of bigots dressed up as intellectuals. When you see the crisis occurring in many parts of Africa, you would agree with the Lancet piece. But I suppose you'd rather just blog.


On the contrary Marko. The bigotry is all on the part of the people who don't think African doctors have the right to decide for themselves where they want to work. And it is quite true that money sent to Africa from a successful ex-pat doctor in a first world country can do significantly more good than that single individual could do if he or she remained. You're not thinking straight or making sense, and clearly you didn't read or understand my post. Try to take these issues seriously rather than using them as an excuse to take your smart remarks for an airing.

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