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KFC here tonight. I was taken aback when offered the Senior's Discount, though. But they've lowered it from 65 to 55. Woot! So we'll be enjoying a meal balanced with three of the major food groups; fat, preservatives and grease (the Colonel's secret recipe). And none of that new fangle "extra crispy" crap, either.


All of it sounds good to me...

Don't wait up for me though - I'm livin' upside down again...


Guacamole and chips. Nom nom nom nom.

Scott P

Porterhouse and a baked potato here, washed down with a Shiner Bock.

maggie katzen

mmmm, RTO's out of town so it was leftover spaghetti and Italian sausage bits in vegetable soup sludge. and a half a bag of Robin Eggs throughout the day. and some chocolate pudding.


Between my son's Boy Scout meeting and my husband's working late, it was Burger King at 9 p.m. When I was done I was full but still felt like I needed some real food...

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