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why is there only a small market for eating them? don't they taste good?


They're eaten quite a lot in Asia (and I think that's where the small market for them here is coming from -- Asian immigrants who think they're fine). I've heard that they have a strong flavor (and Americans don't like strong fish flavors) and they're bony, so that might keep them off the cat food market.


cat food?


I've never met a fish I didn't want to eat - send 'em my way! I'm in Chicago - I could eat 2 pounds a week!

American Fish Eater!

I have got to try this fish. Seems like the world's easiest-to-catch fish could not multiply so fast if we used them. Grill em with butter, garlic and lemon in foil, oh man, I could eat 5 a day just by myself!

American Fish Eater!

A small electric shock? They should use a LARGE electric shock, then the fish will leap out of the water fully cooked!

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