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Thanks Mrs. Hap. I'm always fascinated to discover things like this that I had no idea existed. I just can't get too interested in these kinds of paintings because then I'd have to collect them too.

I was worried for a moment though. You know how I misread things sometimes. I thought for a moment you were waxing on about a fore-skin clamp, which, given some of the medical devices you've explained, wouldn't be totally out of the question.

Just shrivelling.

Then, given my prediliction for artful paradidomania, I thought perhaps that this device might not be mutually exclusive in that context. Perhaps it's an explanation for how paintings like this came to be.

See, initially, it is used as a foreskin clamp - on the artist - and this creates a kind of enforced frottage technique to insure that the painstaking work of painting the slanted gilt-edge is of high quality. Upon completion, the imprisoned member can be exchanged for the book in a kind of reverse decalcomania.

Damn. I've been hanging around PW too much again.


Frottage. Heh.


That's pretty cool.

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