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Jake Holmes

roach in the corner
smuggly smiling, thinks he's safe...
I have pointy shoes.

Jake Holmes

green lady devours
her lover boy's head, better
she thinks, than a smoke


Dusty, dun mothlet,
What gives your kind the license
to eat Captain Crunch?

Jake Holmes

We are SO insects !
Coccoidea manages
between sips of sap.


Cunning ampulex
Achieves what humans cannot:
Complete mind control


Roach in the ashtray
Your siren song calls my name
Where is my lighter?


I could move mountains
And feed the teaming masses.
Oh for an ant's strength!


Those are fantastic!
I hope you will submit them
to our haiku fest!


Thanks ardeans! Will do.


Beautiful hourglass,
Go eat bugs in my garden!
Weave not on my chair.

Throttle-bottomed dart,
Zoom by on a summer's day.
Stick not in my foot.

(Okay, I seem to be stuck here...)

Nasty, pasty thing
living in the garbage can.
Yuck: half fly, half worm.

gossamer wings flit
iridescent body glints
frog's tongue must be quick

(just to make up for that last one)

blowfly, don't bother me
I'm not green, as you can see
living yet, I'm pink

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