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Hmmm, I wonder why they didn't like mine.


Congrats to Gail and Jake! Excellent!


Did you submit it or just put it up on ST?


Right on! Congrats Gail and Jake!


I kid.


English master, I bow in grasshopperness...

Really, though, great!


i still don't get what it means... did you intend the 2oo year forward jump ? these haikus look more surrealist, at least that's what i can make of them, for their meaning escapes me


Candycane, it's about little brown moths that get into your pantry and eat your cereals.


The judge was right to compare the first line to Robert Burns although I didn't think of it at the time. There's nothing surrealist about it though. I called the moth a "mothlet" because it was very tiny. I called it "dusty" because moths have a kind of dusty covering that comes off on your fingers if you pick one up. And I called it "dun" because that's a word for "dull brown." Sometimes the challenge of writing a haiku is to get all that you want to say into the word limit of each line in a way that sounds pretty and in the case of a funny haiku makes people smile.

Oh, and "giving license" means giving permission. So the haiku says, who gave you little dusty brown moths permission to get into my cabinet and eat my cereal?

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