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It's getting a little icky out there isn't it? This idiot is playing fast and loose with the nature of God and our relationship with God. I'm just not impressed. The stupid seems to be seeping out of every pore. Not just Catholic pores either. Archbishop of Stupid thinks Islamic Law is okay by him. Baptists jumping on the Global Warming Bandwagon. Just not impressive.


God needs to do something.
He's got too many asshat's speaking "in his name."

A little old school smiting is in order.


Useless Eaters would be a hell of a name for a band, especially since Rootless Cosmopolitans is already taken.

Seems to me this guy may be right about God objecting to poverty and such (Jesus was mainly focused on issues like workplace safety and the minimum wage, wasn't he, right?), but he might be better off leaving the implementation details to people who've spent more time studying economics than studying theology. IIRC the Church has made bad moves before with that kind of mission creep (*cough*Galileo*cough*).


Should we take steps to alleviate chastity and obedience now, too?

prairie biker

This is a deeply troubling move on a variety of levels. As HA HA HA points out, it would be better left to those who studied economics. One, in particular, already touched on the matter. I do however get some pleasure thinking that Karl Marx must be spinning in his grave to have the Holy Mother Church espousing his way of thinking.

What will the ramifications of a Communist Church be?

And does this also signify the Church is going to begin to return to its vow of poverty and lose some of the trappings of excess and start to return the loot it has been hording for the last two millenia?


We're educating them to think for themselves as fast as we can!!


The problem with the poverty focus isn't that poverty is good -- it isn't. It's just that it's too impersonal to be tied to any individual's moral actions. Greed and lack of charity are sins, but "the fact that there's poverty" and "we're all guilty" sounds like more of a cop out than a useful approach. (i.e.,If everybody's responsible, then nobody's responsible.)


"Should we take steps to alleviate chastity and obedience now, too?"

Volunteers are now lining up . . .

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