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I just took a load of glasses (old ones that didn't match anything) to Salvation Army. Life's too short to safe the good-stuff and suffer through drinking out of the crap-glasses.


When we moved a year and a half ago we had a 30 gal. trash bag of plastic cups from various eateries, fundraisers and what not. They went right to the curb and it's amazing how much more room we have now.

Also we've yet to unpack a god number of boxes of books and stuff that cluttered the old house.


Should have been "good number" not "god number." (Although it is a rather ungodly number of boxes.)


We're using the good plates and glasses all the time now. Sadly Ben the Baby Viking is breaking them and at $25-$50 a piece to replace (wedding present) it's bitter sweet. If you buy the cheap stuff it breaks even faster. Either way it's going to cost.

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