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Not an effin' chance. But I've given the dog some very nice cheeses and steak morsels and even the occasional doggy-size ice cream cone. Because I care not for his digestion nor his spleen.

prairie biker

My brother used to suck the powdered milk off the puppy chow when we were kids. I guess that's why he went on to become an engineer.


I once looked at a dog biscuit real hard. But the little grainy crap down in the cracker put me off too much. Bleah!

Scott P

I ate a Milk Bone as a kid. I'll never forget the taste and the texture. Never.


Not on a dare.

maggie katzen

yeah, me and a friend in high school. darn it, the dog thought it was damn tasty so why not? it's not very flavorful really.

maggie katzen

oh, it was the dry kind. not canned.


their food is so much more boring than ours, anyway, due to lack of salt and flavor.

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