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I*absolutely*loved*this. LOVED IT. And I will be vigilant in the hope of uncovering a heater moment in this day. Wonderful, wonderful piece.


Jake's writing always rocks. I should republish some of his earlier stuff.

Jake Holmes

I totally missed Vampyre Robin this last Halloween..Mickey Spillane by committee.. More round robins and haiku duels too!.. and of course, Monkeys with bagpipes.

Jake Holmes

You guys are making me blush...


I missed that too, Jake. The last one I did was kind of a dud, so I was wondering if people really wanted to participate, but I'll resurrect the robin soon.

Scott P

Fantastic, Jake.

Jake Holmes

Regarding the above statement;

"... an embrace more pleasant than any woman's."

I need to elaborate.

The following people are exceptions to this generalization;

Penelope Cruz
Alicia Silverstone
Scarlett Johansson
My first girlfriend

Thank you...


Jake, we gotta do lunch.


See? Submit a piece of creative writing at ST and win a date with MC


Woo Hoo! I win a lunch date with Mac..! (Mac does a seriously good lunch..Way better than last time I won and got that lunch with Paris Hilton...)

Yes we should, Mac.. whenever you decide to take a break from your international new world order globe trotting and stick around town a few days.. I heard there's a good middle eastern place over in your neck of the woods..Lebanese I think.. Kabobs anyway.. Know it? ( You even like Middle eastern food?) My treat this time.

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